Your farm is a part of an economic powerhouse of dairy production and your business is part of an important global industry.

Open Country is here to give you the ability to choose who your supply partner is.

Choose to have genuine personal service, choose how much milk to produce and choose a supply partner who rewards performance. With Open Country there are no caps, quotas or capacity adjustments - you produce, we pay. 

Making business simple again.




Without the need for invested shares you can significantly increase your available working capital. Open Country Dairy can help you unlock the equity in your farm, giving you control of how to use your money to benefit your business.

This is great news for your farm and your family, as access to your working capital will allow you to take great steps forward.

Invest in your business and take control of your future. Whether you diversify or expand your operations, it’s up to you, at least now, you have the choice.


We understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of your farm. Our Settlement Payment System is designed to keep the cash flowing.

Increased cash flow benefits the day to day running of your farm and it helps in securing funding for business expansion.

Partner with us and you will receive regular settlement payments, plus your final season payment some two months earlier than the industry standard. We give your money back sooner and make sure your money is working for your business.




When you choose Open Country and the community of like minded suppliers, you will become part of a group of farmers who have more control over their destiny, farmers who want to exercise their entrepreneurial ability and farmers who like to be part of an innovative group.

Communication is the key, regular contact programmes and instant access to view your milk test results and volumes via Hotwire, our interactive online support tool, keep you in control wherever you may be.

On joining Open Country, you receive your money sooner, our Settlement Payment System provides you with a superior cash flow. Plus, we require no capital, think of what your freed up money can do for you. In addition we won’t penalise you for extra product, or place quotas on your supply. In fact, we’re here for you, to work with you as your dairy company partner.

Take control of your business with Open Country - Partnership by Choice           Contact our team today